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58м х 28м


25м х 12,5м



of seatssport hall


of seatsconcerts


of seatsrestaurant


Мajor sports to practice in the hall and opportunities for many others’.

  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Hockey
  • Weight lifting
  • Gymnastics

Ice Arena Burgas is multifunctional sport complex appropriate for conducting competitions, trainings and concerts. The complex consists multifunctional sport hall with ice field – 58 x 28 m. size and capacity of 2762 places, training-entertainment center which includes three ice fields (56 x 26 m.); (26 x 14 m.); (18 x 12 m.) and indoor pool – 25 x 12.5 m size.

Многофункционалната спортна зала разполага с 2762 места ,от които 2574 седящи ,32 места за инвалиди и 156 правThe multifunctional sport hall has 2762 places, 2574 of which are sitting, 32 places are for invalids and 156 places are standing. The hall allows conducting sport events on ice field (hockey, figure skating) also and competitions in handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics , boxing, wrestling, rhythmic gymnastics and so on. It’s capacity in conducting concerts is 4524 seats, 2024 of which are sitting.

The multifunctional sport hall has three levels with six team locker rooms for hockey , medical center, conference hall, restaurant with 150 seats , VIP zone, administrative and utility rooms. The VIP zone has separate entrance , dressing room at the level of the ice field, visitors room with 20 seats and two VIP rooms at the level of the restaurant.

The training-entertaining center has two levels. To the icy playgrounds are designed two team locker rooms for hockey players, six smaller changing rooms, ice scates’ rent area and a locker room for it. At the training-entertainment center, there is designed a pool with the necessary service facilities. At the second level are located – café with 150 seats, administrative and utility facilities, doctor’s cabinet, methodological cabinet, a hall for choreography and fitness. At this level are provided two locker rooms with capacity of 21 persons.

All public areas are secured for disabled people. All of the team-locker rooms are compatible for needs of disabled people and the necessity of conducting sledge hockey competitions.